Create a healthy cash flow

Business financing

Bringing in enough money to create a healthy cash flow is a big challenge for any company. Finding investers who are willing to invest money into your business is not always a viable option. However there are other ways to increase your business finances cash flow. The easiest way to create liquidity is by taking up a loan or credit in your company’s name.

Ferratum Business

Ferratum Bank is an international provider of consumer loans operating in over 25 countries worldwide. Ferratum Business supplies both larger and smaller companies with short term loans, with a flexible …

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OPR Finance

OPR is a Finnish lending company focusing on affordable and flexible business loans, suitable for small and midsize companies. Established since in 2005, OPR Finance has helped roughly 300.000 customers …

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Qred is a innovative Nordic fintech company, with a clear objective; to help as many small businesses as possible with financing. Today the company operates in Denmark, Finland and Sweden …

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Svea Finance

Svea Ekonomi Group is an independent financial group primarily offering different kinds business finance services. Today Svea Ekonomi operates in several different countries in northern Europe with a leading position …

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Collector Bank

Collector is a Swedish niche bank based around digital banking mainly operating in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Their business model focuses on offering competitive financing solutions to private and corporate …

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Since 2006, the financial company JW-Yhtiöt Oy has helped hundreds of thousands of Finnish consumers as well as small business looking for capital. At this time the company is marketing …

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