OPR Finance

OPR is a Finnish lending company focusing on affordable and flexible business loans, suitable for small and midsize companies. Established since in 2005, OPR Finance has helped roughly 300.000 customers with different sorts of financing. At this time OPR offers business loans in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

OPR business loan Sweden 30.000 – 500.000 SEK
Visit: https://www.opr-foretagslan.se

Yritysluotto business loan Finland 3.000 – 100.000 €
Visit: https://www.yritysluotto.fi

OPR business loan Denmark 20.000 – 500.000 DK
Visit: https://www.opr-virksomhedslån.dk

OPR-Finance Headquarters

Tel. +358 20 741 2030
[email protected]

Postal address:

Lautatarhankatu 8 B

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