Sooner or later most entrepreneurs end up in a situation where they need to make further investments in order to be able to continue to grow and expand their business. If the company does not have sufficient funding within the company, it is necessary to bring in investment capital or external financing from elsewhere.


Nordiska Firmalån ( is an independent corporate finance website with a main focus on business loans and credits for small and midsized companies. We review a variety of financial options for both smaller and bigger companies and compare terms, rates, prices and other requirements. As a both multi-regional and multilingual website, reviews and compares both banks and other lenders in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden who offer business financing.

Even though we provide information about Nordic business loans in English on our main site, we do prioritize creating great content for our Nordic business owners in their own native languages Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish.

Why did we create “Nordiska Firmalån”?

As of now all the Nordic countries’ combined have a number of approximately 3.250.000 registered companies*. The majority of these enterprises are individual entrepreneurs or small and midsized companies (SMB). Many of these companies sooner or later need to raise capital from outside in order to grow.  However, the possibilities for obtaining a regular corporate bank loan are in most cases slim for a startup company or small business owner. That is why there are a growing number of fintech companies and smaller creditors offering business loans and other forms of business financing such as leasing, factoring (invoice purchase), asset lending or even crowdfunding.

We feel that today’s new vibrant financial landscape really has the potential to generate some real and much needed competition between different banking service providers. Our part in this is to provide transparent loan comparison, with a set out goal; to make business financing more accessible. In the long run we hope to push down the overall business rates, by making the market more accessible, transparent and comparable.

Our service

Nordiska Firmalån always strives to keep the information on our website up to date. New loans are continuously added to our database and kept updated. However, we cannot guarantee that all data is always up-to-date and correct, which is why we want to remind you to always read through all documents and agreements carefully before taking up a new loan.

Any agreements concluded after leaving this site are drawn up directly between the entrepreneur and the lender. In some cases we will receive payment/commission for mediated visitors and potential borrowers, as well as for advertisement on the site. However, Nordiska Firmalån never has any part in any lending agreements, hence any question, complaint or legal issue regarding a agreed upon loan contract must always be sent directly to creditors concerned.

*Even if it says all Nordic countries Iceland was not included in the calculation. The numbers used to produce the total number of 3 254 351 are as follows Norway 581.956 (2019), Sweden 1.228.854 (2018), Denmark 829.000 (2017), Finland 614.541 (2019) and were gathered for each countries national statistics center.