In recent years, banks in Finland have become increasingly cautious about lending to Finnish startups, entrepreneurs and small to midsize companies. Ironically, these kinds of businesses usually are the ones most in need of financial capital. Banks rejecting loan applications could have been a real problem, had it not existed any alternative, luckily there are a ever growing number of financial companies offering primarily smaller business loans in Finland.

Compared to the other Nordic Countries Finland has got a quite large alternative financial market, dwarfing the others both in volume per capita and total volume (which is almost twice the size the second largest Nordic alternative finance sector Denmark). The crowdfunding market is regulated by the Finnish Crowdfunding Act (734/2016) since 2016, the act has helped the sector mature and is is expected to keep growing even further. At this point of time most of the peer-to-peer loans in Finland are consumer loans however some financial companies like Fellow Finance also promote business loans.


We list and compare 5 different business loan companies in Finland
Loan Firm Ferratum Business Yrityslaina
Company Ferratum Finland Oy
Organization number Y-tunnus 1950970-4
Loan amount 2000 - 250.000 €.
Repayment time 6-24 months.
Payout to account Inside 48 hours.
Rates Average monthly interest rate 2.9 percent *The interest rate is set individually.
Setup fee 2.5 percent of total loan amount.
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Loan Firm Yritysluotto
Company OPR-Yritysrahoitus Oy
Organization number Y-tunnus: 2575602-3
Loan amount 3000–100.000€.
Repayment time 1-12 months.
Payout to account If the application is completed before 4 pm. on an ordinary weekday, normally the full loan amount will be transfered to your business account during that same day.
Rates A fixed fee.
Setup fee All loan fees and rates are included in a fixed fee.
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Loan Firm Qred Yrityslaina
Company Qred Yrityslaina Oy, Suomen sivuliike
Organization number Y-tunnus: 2868615-5
Loan amount 2500-50.000 €.
Repayment time 1-12 months.
Payout to account If the application is completed and approved before 3:30 pm during an ordinary weekday, the loan amount will be transfered to account during that same day.
Rates Monthly interest rate from 1.75% percent *Interest rate may vary.
Setup fee All loan fees and rates are included in the monthly intreset.
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Loan Firm Svea yrityslimiitti
Company Svea Perintä Oy
Organization number Y-tunnus: 0800502-5
Loan amount 5.000-100.000€.
Repayment time Flexible credit.
Payout to account Apply and get a fast credit approval, moments later the business credit will be ready and available for use.
Rates Monthly interest rate from 1.08% (you only pay interest on any outstanding balance).
Setup fee Setting up fee 1% of approved credit limit plus a recurring monthly fee of 10€ for the loan duration.
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Loan Firm BusinessCredit FI
Company JW-Yhtiöt Oy
Organization number Y-tunnus: 1742521-6
Loan amount 1.000 - 100.000 €.
Repayment time 3-12 months.
Payout to account Apply and get a quick response, applications approved before 16 pm. on non holiday weekdays will be transfer as quickly as possible. Direct payout is possible to businesses holding a Nordea account, other banks will receive the transaction within approximately 1-2 days.
Rates Fixed monthly payment (213 € -23 988 €).
Setup fee No setup fee.
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All business loans featured on this page are regulated by the finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, Finanssivalvonta (FIN-FSA).

Common business loan requirements

  1. Hold a Finnish business bank account.
  2. the Company must be registered with the Finnish Patent and Registration Office/Finnish Trade Register (Patentti- ja rekisterihallitus (PRH)) and hold a valid business registration number (y-tunnus).
  3. the Business owner usually needs to reside in Finland.
  4. Most corporate loans require personal bail.

Other requirements you may or may not need to meet

Lenders typically will examine some or all of the following criteria:

  1. Credit score.
  2. Age of your business.
  3. Annual revenue.
  4. Personal debt-to-credit ratio.
  5. Personal income.
  6. Potential collateral.
  7. Motivation/Intention explaining motivation for loan.

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